Fraudulent Email Notification

Dear IPSA Members,

The email account for IPSA's President, Dr. Judy Owens, has been hacked. The below fraudulent email was sent on her behalf. If you receive an email requesting assistance with a transfer of funds for IPSA, please delete the message. We apologize for any confusion.

Thank you,

IPSA Staff

Copy of fraudulent letter:

I need your assistance with a transfer of $2,975, for a IPSA logistics welfare Support payment. Our treasurer is indisposed and will not be able to make the transfer at the moment. I am away on a work-related assignment and I do not have my internet banking access card reader to make the transfer and it is needed urgently.

Please let me know if you can possibly help with the transfer as soon as possible because of its urgency and if I can forward you the details to transfer the payment on behalf of IPSA. I will personally reimburse you immediately I'm back in the office while I reconcile it with our treasurer when he’s back in office.

Rest assured the amount will be reimbursed to you as soon as I am in office and can access my bank account for international transfers.

Look forward to your return email for transfer details if you can help.


Best wishes,



All members are entitled to discounts on Congresses, meetings and courses organized by IPSA, e-news and access to the reserved areas of the website


IPSA Mission

The International Pediatric Sleep Association is an organization devoted to the promotion of pediatric sleep medicine world-wide. As such, its mission is to serve as the primary vehicle for developing, supporting and promoting global excellence in research, clinical care, education and public policy related to sleep in infants, children and adolescents. Specific goals are envisaged to potentially include:

A. To support basic and applied research in all areas of sleep in infants, children and adolescents

B. To promote standards of reporting and classifying data in the field of pediatric sleep research

C. To improve the ability of sleep medicine physicians and other clinicians to provide effective sleep health care to pediatric patients and their families

D. To promote the establishment of clinical guidelines for the screening, evaluation and treatment of pediatric sleep disorders

E. To encourage the development of training programs specific to pediatric sleep across a variety of disciplines and among different member societies

F. To promote sleep education for the public, including knowledge of pediatric sleep problems and their consequences, basic principles of sleep health and advances in sleep research

G. To advocate for research, medical, and societal policies that improve the sleep health of infants, children, and adolescents

H. To organize a recurring scientific meeting pertaining to pediatric sleep medicine and promote the exchange of information pertaining to pediatric sleep research   

I.   To improve the ability of sleep medicine physicians and other clinicians to provide effective pediatric sleep advice 

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