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Summit on Adolescent Sleep and School Start Times: Setting the Research Agenda for California and Beyond

January 22-23, 2021

Stanford Medical School Palo Alto CA USA

About: The new California law SB328, which mandates that all public middle and high school in the state implement start times of 8:30am or later by the 2022 school year, represents an unprecedented opportunity to support research on adolescent sleep across a wide variety of disciplines. Educators, policy makers, and researchers both in California and across the nation (and potentially the world!) will be seeking to assess the impact of start time change and related research questions on adolescents’ sleep health across a broad range of outcomes. We are organizing a one-day research summit to be held at Stanford Medical School in late 2020 or early 2021. The “Summit on Adolescent Sleep and School Start Times: Setting the Research Agenda for California and Beyond” will allow a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from California and across the United States and the world the opportunity to collaboratively create a research agenda that will help to ensure the health and well-being of adolescents for decades to come. The Honorary Co-Chairs are Bill Dement and Mary Carskadon.

Audience:Attendees will be researchers from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including sleep and circadian biology, neuroscience, education, medicine, mental health, juvenile justice, safety, public policy, economics, implementation science, and diversity science.


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