S01 Restless sleep disorder in children: Diagnosis, consequences and treatment


Restless sleep disorder (RSD) has recently been identified as a new primary sleep disorder in children. The International Restless Sleep Study Group (IRLSSG) established a taskforce of 9 pediatric sleep experts to review the medical literature and to establish a consensus diagnostic criterion for RSD.

Members of this taskforce will present the following:

Dr. Daniel Picchietti will present the results of the literature review on restless sleep and RSD and the identification of primary RSD and secondary causes of restless sleep. 

Dr. Rosalia Silvestri will present the consensus diagnostic criteria for RSD, and the recommendations from the taskforce of how to evaluate and assess the complaint of restless sleep in the pediatric sleep medicine practice.

Dr. Oliviero Bruni will present results of consequences of RSD including sleep disruption, heart rate variability and daytime symptoms.

Dr. Lourdes Del Rosso will present treatment options including oral and intravenous iron supplementation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this CME activity, participants should be able to:

    • Recognize the difference between primary and secondary restless sleep disorder
    • Identify potential consequences of RSD in children
    • Evaluate children with RSD before and after iron supplementation

Target Audience

Sleep physicians from all specialty backgrounds; sleep psychologists; pediatricians; physicians in training (residents, fellows), advanced sleep practitioners (nurse practitioner, physician assistant)


Raffaele Ferri (Italy)

Restless Sleep and Restless Sleep Disorder (RSD):  Literature review

Daniel Picchietti (United States)

Restless Sleep Disorder: Consensus diagnostic criteria

Rosalia Silvestri (Italy)

Sleep disruption and daytime symptoms in children with RSD

Oliviero Bruni (Italy)

Treatment of Restless Sleep Disorders

Lourdes Del Rosso (United States)

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