Program Committee Members


I, Oluwatosin Eunice Olorunmoteni, a Consultant Pediatric Neurologist have strong passion for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and sleep disorders. I run the Pediatric Neurology clinic at the Ife Hospital Unit of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals’ Complex (OAUTHC) where I evaluate the children with various neurodevelopmental and sleep disorders.

My research interest is mainly in the field of Pediatric Sleep and Neuro-developmental paediatrics where I have conducted some epidemiological studies to elucidate the burden and contributory factors to sleep problems in Nigerian children and adolescents. Furthermore, as a member of the Sleep Research Team in my institution, I hope to conduct multidisciplinary clinical and translational research in Paediatric sleep.

The Sleep Research Team was recently established in my institution as a multidisciplinary team comprising of PediatricNeurologist (myself), Adult Neurologists, Psychiatrics and ENT surgeons with the aim of expanding research in Sleep medicine in our environment, creating awareness and providing service by way of treatment of sleep disorders. We hope to have a Sleep laboratory established soon to enhance the conduct of high quality sleep research.

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