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Pediatric Sleep


IPSA suggestions   
help us to make IPSA more complete and useful, send information about pediatric sleep activities in Your country.

Membership Information   

There are different IPSA membership categories :

  • Full personal membership (fee to be decided).
  • Discounted personal membership (fee to be decided), for students and for all residents in less developed countries (definition of “less developed countries” and a list can be obtained from IPSA).
  • Supporter membership for Organizations which support financially the initiatives of IPSA.

All members are entitled to discounts on congresses, meetings and courses organized by IPSA, e-news and access to the reserved areas of the WASM web site.


Membership Application Form   

It is possible to pre-apply for IPSA membership, no fee has been decided yet. All pre-applications will receive a request of confirmation as soon as the membership fee will be set.



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