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C01 Sleep and Ventilation in Children with Disability

The importance of managing sleep in children with disability is increasingly recognized by pediatric sleep specialists. This short course provides an overview of this topic and the challenges involved for this population. The course is divided into two components and participants will have the option to register for either a full day or half-day option.

The first half of the day will provide an update in key areas that are relevant to the management of sleep in children with disability. This will include an overview of new advances in the area as well as a review of the literature by experts in the field, covering sleep in specific sub-populations such as children with autism and Down syndrome. There will also be sessions on pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment strategies for sleep difficulties, focusing particularly on approaches to management in children with complex disability.

The second half of the course will introduce the specific considerations when undertaking non-invasive ventilation in children with disability. There will be workshops on key areas such as interface choice, ventilation strategies as well as discussion of the practical aspects of initiating and titrating therapy in this group of children. Experienced clinicians will also discuss the relationship between improved sleep and overall outcomes for children with disability and the strategies to consider when NIV therapy cannot be established.

Throughout the course clinical cases will be used to illustrate key points and practical workshops will support the learning of essential topics.

* NOTE this course will be offered as one full day or two half day courses

c02 Establishing a PEDIATRIC Sleep Program

This full-day workshop will outline the key considerations in establishing a new pediatric sleep medicine program or expanding an existing service. The focus will be on practical solutions to clinical, logistical, and administrative challenges, particularly in resource-poor areas and those in which pediatric sleep medicine is not yet well-established.  Presenters will include pediatric sleep practitioners with extensive clinical experience in neurology, pulmonary, developmental medicine and behavioral medicine, sleep technology and administration. Real world case examples from a variety of global locations will be presented.

c03 Movement disorders and Parasomnias/Epilepsy 

This half-day course will provide a comprehensive review of key features of pediatric sleep medicine related to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the most frequent movement disorders during sleep, namely NREM sleep parasomnia (sleepwalking, nocturnal terrors, confusional arousal), restless legs syndrome, periodic leg movements in sleep, restless sleep disorder, hyper-motor insomnia and sleep hyper-motor epilepsy. The course will also illustrate the complexity in differential diagnosis from benign sleep disorders (parasomnias, restless legs syndrome) and epilepsy.

The course will be enriched by case presentations and video presentations to illustrate the clinical and polysomnographic features of these sleep disorders and their mimics.

c04 Year in Review - an update on pediatric sleep research

This half day workshop will be presented by leading researchers in the field of pediatric sleep research and will cover the latest research in sleep problems during infancy, childhood and adolescence. Topics will include behavioral sleep problems, sleep disordered breathing, insomnia, narcolepsy, movement disorders and the effects of sleep disruption. 

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