C02 Establishing a Pediatric Sleep Program 

Welcome and Overview
Judith Owens (United States)

Setting Up a Pediatric Sleep Lab
Albert Li (Hong Kong)

Case Example
Saadoun Bin-Hasan (Kuwait)

Sleep Technologist Issues and Scoring
Gordon Williams (Australia)

Establishing a Clinical Service
Judith Owens (United States)

Case Example: Mongolia
Yasunori Oka (Japan)

Case Example: Nigeria
Oluwatosin Olorunmoteni (Nigeria)

Administrative and Budgetary Issues
Margot Davey (Australia)

The Role of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Getting Started in Clinical Research
Meltzer (United States)

Case Example: China
Guanghai Wang (China)

Teaching and Training Issues 

Working with Special Populations and Collaboration with Other Subspecialties
Beth Malow (United States)

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