C01 Sleep and Ventilation in Pediatric Neurodisability

Introduction: The complexities of sleep problems in children with Neurodisability
Elaine Chan 

Genomics of sleep in children with Neurodisability
Honey Heussler (Australia)

Sleep in Prader Willi Syndrome: What's New?
Francois Abel (United Kingdom)

Sleep in Down Syndrome: What's New?
Cathy Hill (United Kingdom)

Sleep in Autism: What's New? 
Emma Sciberras (Australia)

Melatonin is not working...what else can we use? Medication for sleep in children with disability 
Paul Gringras (United Kingdom)

Tackling Behaviour/personality to improve sleep in children with disability 
Honey Heussler (Australia)

Ventilation: considerations in children with complex disability 
Moya Vandeleur (Australia)

Mask fit and Desensitisation
Joanna Maclean (Canada)

Choosing the right machine and risk minimisation
Sadasivam Suresh (Australia)

Initiating and titrating ventilation in children with disability
Karen Waters (Australia)

Improving Sleep in Disability: Does it improve outcomes?
Jasneek Chawla (Australia)

Alternative options to NIV in children with disability
David Kilner (Australia)

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